It is very rare that you will ever see us post information about one of our travellers. We never tell anyone what any of our travellers are doing, unless they have given us permission to do so. (Client confidentiality is paramount to us)

We are very pleased to say that Mark Wood, the explorer has given us permission to publish his press release for his upcoming trip to walk from the North Pole to Canada. We are arranging his transport out to Norway and back from Canada – “the easy bit compared to what the team will have to do between the flights we have arranged”

We wish them all the best for their trip but have to admit we will be very relived to see them back home after their expedition! We will be following their every move! If you would like to follow the expedition you can do so by following Mark Wood Explorer on Facebook.  

PRESS RELEASE – February 2016



On April 1st 2016, three British explorers will set off to the Arctic Ocean from Spitsbergen – a Norwegian archipelago – to a Russian ice station called Barneo, roughly calculated as 30 nautical miles from the Geographic North Pole. From here, they will fly in a long range helicopter to the North Pole itself. Leaving civilisation behind, they will then head South towards the coast line of Canada but as the ice becomes too thin, they will have only 35 days to cover over 470 nautical miles of floating sea ice.

The target will be to reach Ward Hunt Island. Only a handful of teams in history has covered this reversed route and the fastest time to date has been 38 days.

Hyperion Travel has been chosen to organise the travel arrangements for the British Team and are delighted to be involved in this expedition.

With over 20 years as specialists in bespoke travel solutions for all business travellers, Hyperion were able to co-ordinate the complex travel plans to achieve the most efficient and cost effective results for the team.

Organising the logistics for this expedition has been extremely challenging and in many ways tougher emotionally than the expedition will be itself. Hyperion have been incredibly patient and flexible in their service which has enabled the team to focus on the preparations and training”

Mark Wood, Explorer.

It has been a very interesting and challenging job trying to find the right and most economical solutions to the trip. The routings and dates have changed a number of times, which is mainly due to climate change affecting the ice levels, but this is where we come into our own as we are highly experienced in totally reworking routes and costs at short notice.

We recognise that this expedition is one of the most dangerous journeys on the planet and we will be on standby from the moment the team leave from London, on the 23rd March. Our role will be to organise a safe and speedy return for these exceptionally brave men when their mission is complete”.

Stephanie Lambourn, Director. Hyperion Travel Limited