Business Travel

Hyperion Travel initially focused on providing to those involved in the equine industry from Show Jumping to Horse Racing. We still work closely in the industry working with shipping agents, which is an ideal match as we ship the people that travel with the animals that they ship. Through many years of providing these services we have become specialists in having to adapt to last minute changes of plan. If a horse goes lame, or there is a technical fault with the equine transport everything has to change at a moments notice. This also translates well in the business world where everything can change at the “drop of a hat”

Over the years we have expanded into the general business travel and we now have an extensive variety of clients ranging from bloodstock agents,  luxury yacht builders,  IT security specialists to charity organisers. We particularly pride ourselves on the care of our clients. For example, during the volcanic ash situation we had repatriated all of our travelers within 48 hours of the first flights being cancelled.